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British Law >> Organisation Area >> Junk Mail Fax SMS

Junk Mail Fax SMS

The sending and receiving of unsolicited communications is generally referred to as junk mail or spam, and can take the from of hard copy, email, fax or SMS text messages.

The Telecommunications (Data Protection and Privacy) (Direct Marketing) Regulations 1998 came into force 1st May 1999.

It is in contravention of this Act to send unsolicited faxes to any business or to send unsolicited faxes or make unsolicited phone calls to any individual who has registered with the Data Protection Registrar and declared that they do not wish to receive unsolicited faxes or phone calls. Offenders can face fines for failure to comply, and it is the responsibility of the sender to check whether the target has registered their wish to avoid such calls / faxes.

Telephone Preference Service will register you to stop phone calls either online or at 0845 070 0707

Fax Preference Service will register you to stop unwanted faxes either online or at 0845 070 0702

Mailing Preference Service will register you to stop unwanted posts (hard copy) either online or at 01865 748768

Consumer Direct covers all the latest scams.

SPAM ABUSE NET will help you deal with unwanted email.