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British Law >> Organisation Area >> Confidentiality

Confidentiality Agreement

A confidentiality agreement or non-disclosure agreement is a legally binding agreement whereby the owner of specified information may disclose that information to a third party being an individual or company and may ensure the third party is legally bound to keep confidential the specified information and not disclose it to any other party.

Signing a confidentiality agreement ensures the recipient of confidential information is legally bound and undertakes not to disclose the specified confidential information.

A confidentiality agreement normally covers issues such as the jurisdiction (special issues for Scotland England and Wales), context of disclosure of confidential information such as business discussions, the identities of the parties involved in the disclosing context, the definition of the term confidential as understood by the parties, the identities of the parties in agreement, the purpose of the confidential disclosure, the allowed use of the disclosed information, and limitations on recording storing and destroying the specified confidential information.

A confidentiality agreement can be drafted for you by a lawyer, or you can use and adapt a standard agreement form such as supplied by a legal document supplier.