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The barrister's clerk organises the administration of a barrister's chambers, and so deals with the business of the chamber at all levels. The clerk deals with solicitors to gain new work, and allocates cases to barristers, as well as planning case details and working with the barrister to assist in maintaining schedule and necessary activities.

A barrister's clerk must be familiar with court procedures and court etiquette, and will also have to deal with clients. In Scotland, the term used is - advocate's clerk.

Barrister's Clerks are involved in:

  • supporting client selection of a barrister based on specialisation, abilities, experience and availability
  • deciding appropriate fees to be charged in each case in concert with the instructing solicitor
  • planning cases to take account of necessary conferences, preparation, days in court, etc.
  • arranging conferences with instructing solicitors, clients and barristers
  • informing client's solicitors of progress or delays
  • managing workload and schedule for barristers
  • seeking work for barristers (chamber) through contact with solicitors
  • referring cases to other chambers where necessary
  • maintaining awareness of specialisation and areas of law of the barristers in the chamber
  • researching information from off-line and on-line sources;
  • using court listing and diary systems to plan workload;
  • maintaining accounts and arranging collection of fees