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Motoring and Traffic

There are a range of legal issues which might concern the motorist these include: having proper documentation for your car and making sure that the car which you own is not stolen; knowing the laws governing driving behaviour; knowing what to do in the event of an accident; knowing what penalties can be incurred and what to do about them and knowing what to do if you are a victim of car crime. Most local Police Services have a website with motoring advice - the following sites cover a wide range of motoring topics:

MASS is the Motor Accident Solicitors' Society - a non-profit group of solicitors specializing in road traffic accidents claims. Their aim is to pursue justice for the victims of road traffic accidents. The site has a register of members as well as general advice for claimants.

DVLA - Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority provides information about the documentation which you need as a driver and owner of a vehicle.

Police Advice Line - Thames Valley Police offer step-by-step guidance on what to do if you are involved in a road traffic accident.

Car Crime advises purchasers of vehicles which may have been stolen, or have an adverse finance record, or which may have suffered serious damage.

Home Office offers advice about securing your car, parking securely and how not to buy a stolen car. There is also advice for motorbike users.

Highway Code gives details of rules and regulations which govern all users of the UK highways.

Dunlop Adviser has a section devoted to motoring law and safety which covers topics such as accidents, drink driving, parking, caravanning and seat belts.

Law Web has a motoring section which gives advice on road traffic offences and their penalties, what to do if asked to appear in court, information on motor insurance for those with penalty points and a fixed fee telephone advice line.

THINK Road Safety website gives comprehensive coverage of road safety issues including car seats, use of seat belts, drink-driving, drug-driving, mobile phone use, winter driving and more!. The site also gives details of campaigns and statistics for road traffic accidents.

MCRG - Motorcycle Crime Reduction Group offers a wealth of advice about keeping your motorbike secure and what to do if it does get stolen.