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Crime - Criminal Law - Compensation - Legal Aid

If you have been in contact with crime as an accused person, a victim, a witness, a juror, or have been accused of a crime, then your first port of call should be:
Criminal Justice System Online for England and Wales

A detailed account of all aspects of the criminal justice system in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and England & Wales can be found at:
DirectGov where details are provided on all 3 British justice systems under Policing, Courts, Administration of Law, Judicial System, Civil Justice, Prisons, Legal Aid, Civil Claims, Young Offenders, Sentencing and Appeals.

If you need to consider LEGAL AID:
Legal Services covers England and Wales.
Scottish Legal Aid Board covers Scotland.
Legal Services Commission covers Northern Ireland, but their site has poor information on legal aid.
In all three systems, it is wise to consult a solicitor on Legal Aid matters.

Find A Solicitor via the Law Society facility where you can specify the area of crime you want to address.

Citizen Advice Bureau provide a wide range of advice on all legal matters, including crime and dealing with the justice system.

Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) covers England, Scotland and Wales, and the site describes the scheme, gives advice on how to apply for compensation, and even provides the forms in pdf format for you to use.

Criminal Injuries Compensation Appeals Panel (CICAP) determines appeals made against CICA decisions. You can search for previous decisions to help research an appeal.

Victim Support help and advise victims of crime, and can be a useful source of information and advice - covers England, Wales, Northern Ireland.

Police Service is the official site of the UK Police Service.

CRIME PREVENTION is the Home Office site packed with good advice on how to reduce your risks in all areas of personal and property safety.

CRIME REDUCTION is another Government site packed with useful advice especially targeted at people trying to reduce crime in their local area. <

Prison Service Advice and Support provides information for prisoners and families to help deal with the process and problems related to imprisonment.