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Accident or Injury

If you have suffered an accident and you or your property have suffered damage then a third party may be liable for that damage. Similarly, if you have caused an accident resulting in injury or damage then you may be liable.

If someone or something has, at least in part, been responsible for accidental damage or injury then there is a potential to make a claim for damages or restitution.

There are many Claims Management Firms who will offer to deal with your claim, but many of these should be treated with caution since they exact a fee for simply passing your claim to a solicitor.

If you have a legitimate claim then you will have to consult a solicitor at some stage. You will have to clearly establish exactly when and where an accident occurred, precisely what happened, and be able to substantiate any claim of injury or damage. You will also have to clarify whether there were witnesses who can support your claim, and so will need contact details.

Before approaching a solicitor, you may benefit from preparing clear information. The links below may help you to clarify any issues that are unclear to you.

The Law Society - Solicitor Search Page lets you specify your area of the country and the area of law (e.g. personal injury, clinical negligence, etc.) that concerns you. They only provide contact details for solicitors with experience in your chosen area, and indicate which ones are members of their specialist panels for that area.

Citizen Advice Bureau provide a wide range of advice on all legal matters, including how to deal with accident and injury matters (see their law/legal section).

Accident Line was founded by the Law Society to encourage accident victims to get best advice from an experienced solicitor. Their free phone service will help put you in touch with a specialist personal injury solicitor. A free consultation will determine the viability of any claim, and any payment (fee) options. The scheme is covered by insurance provided by Abbey Legal Protection.

MASS is the Motor Accident Solicitors Society, and is the national association of solicitors who specialise in road traffic accident claims. Most MASS members offer a free initial consultation.

AVMA is the Action Against Medical Accidents, a charity that promotes patient safety and justice for people affected by medical accident. Their 'find a solicitor' section provides a set of questions to ask in an initial consultation, and you can search for a suitable solicitor by region from their panel.

INJURY+ is a group of lawyers specialising in personal injury and clinical negligence. Their site provides both medical and legal glossaries to help researching your claim.

ASBESTOS NEWSLETTER is provided to victim support groups, public bodies, lawyers, solicitors, barristers, researchers, doctors, academics and environmentalists in over thirty countries.

CICA is the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority and administers the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme throughout England, Scotland and Wales.