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This is a community information portal on law for citizens and small business operators. The information provides links to sites relevant to a wide range of enquiries and problems relevant to personal and business issues. The links are selected from public online sources operated by reputable organisations. Where summaries of laws or issues are provided they are extracted from reputable sources and are only offered as brief summaries to assist users searching for relevant sources of information or advice (for orientation). Any such summaries do not constitute legal advice and users are advised to consider the linked sources in detail. When investigating potential solutions to significant legal problems or legal questions of importance, users are advised to consult a solicitor or trained legal advisor before embarking on any action. The information contained in this site, and in linked sites, should be used only as an aid to understanding and preparation in advance of any action or decision concerning legal matters.

Main Areas:

Citizen Area - for links to sources dealing with personal matters.

Organisation Area - for links to sources dealing with business matters, including companies, partnerships, voluntary organisations, etc.

Documents Area - for links to sources providing access to legal documents for use by citizens and companies.

Books Area - for links to sources of books on law, such as publishers and distributors.

Law Online - for links to online sources of law, including government and courts sources, plus value added online publishers.

Student Area - for links to sources of interest to current or potential students of law.

Jobs Area - for links to information on jobs in the legal area, including jobs for legal professionals, and also for paralegal (e.g. administrators, clerks, secretaries, etc.).

Fun Area - for no reason other than it might be fun to take a break some time.